United Pacific Patrol understands the value of their services we provide:


Uniformed Security

We provide security guard service to wide variety of clients, this includes commercial, residential and institutional sites.


Mobile Patrols

Our highly visible decaled mobile patrol vehicles are equipped with the most updated technology.


Alarm Response

Our rapid response units quickly respond to alarms when dispatched by all Monitoring Stations.


Bike Patrol

Bike patrols can work in part with mobile patrols and security guards to provide a comprehensive security solution.


Loss Prevention Offer

All of our officers receive the most current training available in the industry. When it comes to theft control.


Staff Escorts

Along with the other security services, we can provide staff escorts for your business.


special event security

Security at your event is vitally important because your focus is on the event and the people attending it.


Concierge Service

Our concierge staff is highly trained, experienced, professional, committed & customer service oriented.


Key Runner Services

They are experienced at dealing with security situations and equipped with state of the art communication tools.